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Bartender Guidelines

Member Chits:

Have member fill out chit with Name, Date and Membership # and first drink order. Also enter last name at top of chit. Make certain that the quantity of each drink ordered is recorded on the initial chit. Chits are kept alphabetically behind bar in rack.

Record all drinks on chits.

Regular Brands: Note type of drink, i.e., vodka, scotch, bourbon, rum or gin and number ordered.
Premium Brands: Note name of drink, i.e., Absolut, Dewar’s, Tangueray, Canadian Club, Jack Daniels, Myers or Mt. Gay and number ordered.
After Dinner Drinks: Note name of drink and number ordered.
Beer: Note name of beer and number ordered.
Soda: Note the type of soda. Only the first soda needs to be recorded.
Return used glasses to kitchen for washing.

Cash Customers:

Use the same procedures as noted above and keep chit on cash register to be totaled when the customer desires to pay (use cash price list). A dinner charge (Friday, $18) may also apply and should be entered on chit and totaled with bar charge. Change should be available in register. Checks can be accepted and made payable to YCHHI.

We believe that most lost drinks occur
because the initial chit filled out by the member
may not always contain the number of drinks ordered.
Thank you for your help.
Your service is an important cost saver to our club.