Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs 2017

Club Caterer
Pat Harris

Food & Beverage
Leslie Gilroy, Pat Harris, Carol Lang, Bill Scott, Jack Greenshields & Carole Moore

Legal, Insurance and Bylaws
Mike Roe, George Cohen & Hap Todd

. . . Building & Grounds, Dock & Yard
Sonny Compher & Corinne Roe

Publicity & Communications
. . . Main Sheet, Historian & Webmaster
Michael Roe, Norm Shotz, Jim Landis, Jim Vaughn & Carol Lang

. . . Regattas & Boating, Recreational & Sailing, SAYRA Representative
Michael Gilroy & Henry Shultz

Rae Scott

Ships Store
Betty Bush

Barry Moore, Kathe Golden & Aubrey Vaughan

Hilton Head Heros
Dave Shkor

Jim Vaughn

Special Events
Food & Beverage Committee

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