The 2018 fall Flying Scot racing season starts September 22 and 23
After taking the summer off, the Flying Scots have scheduled eight race days for the fall.
September 22, 23
October 6, 7 This is the SCYC Ocean Challenge weekend.
October 13, 14 This is the YCHHI Calibogue Cup and HTC weekend
November 10, 11
December 1, 2
*NOTE There was discussion at our last fleet meeting of adding another October race
day(s) on the weekend October 28/29 this might act as supplement or makeup. I will
canvas the fleet and send out a updated schedule if the change is agreed to by the
majority of the fleet

The race area will be in the Calibogue Sound off Brahms Point or in Broad Creek.
The first warning signal will be 11:00 each race day
*Any changes to the schedule and/or race times for the upcoming weekend
will be sent to the fleet via email and posted at the YCHHI by Friday at 17:00
Fleet race rules (SIs) and scoring methodology can be found in the YCHHI directory

Fleet news
• Wexford YC used two of our FS for their junior program this summer. Mark Dryden was pleased with the boats and his students. Nothing broke and the boats are in great shape but could use some bottom cleaning
• Wexford has agreed to let our fleet work out of their harbor again this fall
• Deb Pepe donated an over the boom cover to the YC fleet and it is now beautifully appoints the white YCHHI boat at Wexford
• The YCHH blue boat is in the lot and ready to go. The red boat is still a work in progress.
• Hap Todd is working on one of the YCHHI scot trailers but we are still down one trailer as the blue boat is on mine!
• Henry Schultz says he has a ringer coming to crew with him this fall! That person also might be interested in joining the fleet independent of Henry. Encourage him!!

17-18 August 2018
The organizing authority of the Hook Ocean Race is the Skidaway Island Boating Club (SIBC)
and the Yacht Club of Hilton Head Island (YCHHI)
1.1 The race will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)
2.1 The race is open to all non-planing monohull sailboats having an overall length of at least
22 feet and not longer than 50 feet.
2.3 Late entries may be accepted by the race committee but will not be eligible for early
registration discount.
2.4 There will be separate classes for spinnaker, non-spinnaker and cruising (roller furling main
and fixed blade propeller, or as determined by the race committee).
3.1 All boats shall carry an operating VHF radio.
3.2 All boats shall be sailed by at least two persons.
3.3 At all times, boats shall monitor and keep clear of commercial traffic.
3.4 The US Sailing Safety Equipment Requirements for category Nearshore are suggested.
4.1 Complete registration on Regatta Network https://www.regattanetwork.com
4.2 The entry fee is $125 per boat.
4.3 Early registration discount of $25 is available for entries received by 20 July 2018.
4.4 Registrations are non-refundable after 30 June 2018.
4.5 Dockage on 17 August and 18 August, meals, beverages and other personal costs are not
included in the entry fee.
4.6 An awards dinner will at Landings Harbor Marina on Saturday, 18 August 2018. Each
registered boat will receive one free dinner, all other dinners must be paid for by 10 August.
Dinner reservations may be made and paid for at the SIBC web site or by check to SIBC.
5.1 Starting times are approximate and will be finalized in the Sailing Instructions.
5.2 Date Time Description
08/17 (Friday)
Competitors arrive Harbour Town Yacht Basin
6:30PM Cash bar at Harbor Town Yacht Club
7:00PM Skippers meeting HTYC
Dinner available for purchase at HTYC (casual attire)
08/18 (Saturday)
9:55AM Warning signal for first class
5:00PM Time limit expires
6:00PM Cash bar at Landings Harbor Marina
7:00PM Awards and catered dinner at Landings Harbor Marina
08/19 (Sunday)
10:00am Transient boats must depart Landings Harbor Marina
6.1 Sailing Instructions will be available July 18, 2018 on the SIBC and YCHHI web sites and at
the skippers meeting July 28, 2018.
7.1 The race area will include the Calibogue Sound, Atlantic Ocean, Wassaw Sound, and the
Wilmington River
7.2 The race course will be described in the Sailing Instructions which will be available 18 July
7.3 The start will be near G3 south of Hilton Head Island with the finish near R22 south of
Landings Harbor Marina.
7.4 All government navigation buoys in Wassaw Sound and the Wilmington River must be
honored on their required side.
8.1 The race will consist of one race from near Hilton Head Island to Landings Harbor Marina on
Skidaway Island.
8.2 Awards for each class will be given to first, second and third places during the awards dinner
at Landings Harbor.
8.3 PHRF ratings for boats without a valid or previous PHRF certificate will be assigned by the
race committee. Time allowances will be calculated based on time on time scoring.
9.1 Dockage at Landings Harbor Marina is limited. Boats requiring dockage will be assigned
space based on the order of receipt of completed registration form and payment of entry fee.
10.1 Competitors participate in the race entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to
Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury
or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the race.
11.1 Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance sufficient to
cover liability for loss, damage, personal injury or death.
12. Cancellation of Race
12.1 Safety of Boats and Competitors is a top priority. The Race Committee and PRO will
assess the weather before starting the race and will determine delays, course changes,
postponement, and cancellation
http://skidawayislandboatingclub.org or Yacht Club of Hilton Head Island http://
Dave Angell daveangell@bellsouth.net (912) 655-3740
Mark Winters 2winters80@gmail.com (912) 675-2786
Paul Reddick preddick0@gmail.com (978) 771-9219
Amar Patel, amar584@gmail.com (912) 308-1319
Jim Landis, jim@ninetysix.net, (843) 301-1621

Fall 2018

Sat & Sun Oct 6 & 7, 2018, All day SCYC Regatta FS: Windmill Harbor

Sat & Sun Oct 13 & 14, 2018, Harbor Town Cup & Calibogue Cup YCHHI


2018 Regatta Date Regatta Chair Phone
Harbour Town Cup October 2018 Jim Vaughn 843-384-7322
Calibogue Cup October 2018 Jim Vaughn 843-384-7322