Regatta Chairman Instructions

1. Set the date on the Club Calendar.

2. Talk to Steward about what food to have and what price to charge. That goes on the NOR (Notice of Race).

3. Send out the NOR. Obtain the list of sailors from the race coordinator. Fold and mail these at least 1 – 1 ½
months before the regatta.

4. Obtain a Race Committee
a. Signal boat is best above 20 feet with a shelter and a head
b. Two or more mark boats. Big regattas need photo boat and safety boat
c. Equipment person
d. PRO (Principle Race Officer) He/She runs the show on the water
e. Scorer (Marguerite Miletic is a pearl!) She’ll be at the YC and will take results over the phone ASAP
after the races or during.
f. Write out the SI’s (Sailing Instructions) Jim Vaughn usually has a copy to work from or look in the
SAYRA Rule Book. Check the latest version for rule changes and upgrade the SI’s accordingly.
g. Make sure there are copies of all the papers that the committee boat and mark boats will need, i.e. wind
sheets, finish sheets, mark roundings, logs for the scribe, etc.

5. Ask someone to be treasurer of the event and to take registration fees.

6. Ask the Steward about a bartender or grab some of the members.

7. Order trophies early!!!!! I have a book for trophies on line. As a VERY last resort go to the local guy, Steve,
near Bi Lo. He’s dreadfully expensive.

8. The Race Committee Chairman should be a part of the ON Water Team to be able to help assess the future needs of the regatta. This IS a team effort.

9. Write a final report for the Club and place all pertinent information in a folder labeled with the Event and
it’s date in the office.